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Nagasree Garapati
Visiting Assistant Professor
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Teaching & Outreach

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Material and Energy Balances (ChE 201 & ChE 202)

Introduction to chemical engineering fundamentals and calculation procedures, industrial stoichiometry, real gases and vapor-liquid equilibrium, heat capacities and enthalpies, and unsteady material balances and energy balances.

Chemical Process Laboratory (ChE 351)

This course will solidify practical concepts acquired during the junior year chemical engineering fluids and heat transfer courses through experimental design and practice.

Unit Operations Laboratory-2(ChE 451)

This course will consolidate and solidify the concepts and knowledge acquired during the undergraduate program, in a hands-on and communications framework.

Chemical Process Safety (ChE 475)

Introduction to safety, health and loss prevention in the chemical process industry; regulations, toxicology, hazard identification, system safety analysis and safety design techniques.

Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering(ChE 531)

Classification and solution of mathematical problems important in chemical engineering. Analytical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations, including orthogonal functions and integral transforms.


  • Visited Westwood Middle school to present material about geothermal energy and explained prospects of STEM career, specifically in Chemical engineering for 8th graders.
Dr. Garapati's group at Westwood Middle School

  • Participated in "Diversity Within: Intersectionality among Women of Color" panel discussion exploring women of color's unique experiences within our community and seek to foster unity and support among women of color across different identities.
  • Presented informative webinar detailing "what is a geothermal direct use system", for Geothermal Collegiate Competition Webinar Wednesday